Replacement Tube Bundles

CEMLINE® Replacement Tube Bundles for Storage Water Heaters and Heat Exchangers

Cemline builds Replacement Tube Bundles as exact replacement for all existing tube bundles. The Replacement Tube Bundles are readily available with standard 1 week shipment. Replacements available for Steam, Boiler Water, and High Temperature Hot Water Bundles.

Cemline standard replacement tube bundles are designed for a maximum working pressure of 150 psig and a temperature of 375 oF. Normal construction and various options are outlined below.


    Tube Sheet

    Tube Sheets are precision drilled of specification grade Steel. Normally the between the bold tube sheet is furnished. (A between the bolt tube sheet can be used to replace a full tube sheet at no loss of operating efficiency.)


    Seamless deoxidized first quality copper tubes, 3/4″ O.D. precision bent and rolled into a tube sheet with torque controlled expander to assure proper tube seating. (An existing bundle with 1″ or 1-1/4″ O.D. tubing can be replaced with 3/4″ O.D. tubing at no loss of operating efficiency.)


    Copper or steel spacers are precision fabricated to keep tubes in perfect alignment.


    Die cut compressed gasketing material suitable up to 750 °F.


    Each coil individually hydrostatically tested to assure final quality.


    Each coil has a warranty for one (1) year after start up.


    Copper lined tube sheet

    Economical, yet effective method of protecting water face of the tube sheet. A 16 ounce copper sheet is bonded to the steel tube sheet to assure a lifetime of rust free water. The copper lined tube sheet is recommended for domestic water applications. Solid Brass or stainless steel (or other non-ferrous tube sheets.) We recommend copper lined tube sheets as the most suitable, however other special non-ferrous tube sheets are available.

    Full face tube sheet

    At the customer request, Cemline can furnish a full face tube sheet adding to the cost and extending the delivery.

    Tubing (Single Wall)

    For applications where required, we can furnish 90:10 Copper Nickel, admiralty brass, or stainless steel tubes built with the same car and same quality as our standard coils. We can provide replacement tube bundles made from tubing O.D.’s of 1/2″, 3/8″, or 5/8″.

    Tubing (Double Wall)

    Some building codes require vented double wall coils to guard against cross contamination of potable water. Cemline offers these coils with copper inner / copper outer, 90:10 copper nickel inner / copper outer, or90:10 copper nickel inner / 90:10 copper nickel outer tubes.

    Fabricated steel heads

    A fabricated steel head can be furnished to replace the existing coil head, if required. Working pressure – 400 psig / Working Temperature – 450 °F; Cemline coils can be fabricated for 400 psig working pressure at 450 °F for high temperature hot water or high pressure steam applications.

    ASME Stamp

    Cemline can ASME stamp the replacement tube bundle, if required.

    Retube or Repair

    Cemline can also retube or repair your existing tube bundle.