Jacketed Storage Tanks (JST)

CEMLINE® JST Series Jacketed Storage Tanks combine the corrosion resistance of STONE, the strength of STEEL and the insulating ability of Fiberglass in one package. CEMLINE JST Series tanks are lined with STONESTEEL hydraulic cement lining. This time-tested lining type has proved for over 50 years to be the most reliable and durable tank lining for water storage tanks. The STONESTEEL lining, originally patented by the CEMLINE CORPORATION® in the 1930’s, is approved for military specifications. The entire interior surface of the tank wall is generously covered with the STONESTEEL lining, and in larger vessels wire mesh is tack welded to the steel shell to insure proper bondage of the lining. The exterior of the tank is painted with a high quality primer paint before the 3″ thick Fiberglass insulation, in accordance with ASHRAE standards, is applied. The Unit is then covered with 20 gauge steel jacket, enamel painted to assure the owner of an attractive, neat, easy to maintain storage unit. CEMLINE JST, jacketed storage tanks are factory insulated while jacketed pressure tanks are designed for storing hot water. CEMLINE JST Series units are completely factory packaged storage tanks, including 3″ Fiberglass insulation, 20 gauge steel jacket, and mounting supports. Factory packaging keeps customer installation time to a minimum, as connecting water lines is all that is necessary for use. JST Series storage tanks can also be provided with steam or boiler water coils for use with boilers or indirect heaters. JST storage tanks are normally certified for maximum working pressure of 125 psig. Working pressures of 100 psig and 150 psig are frequently used and are readily available. Working pressures above 150 psig can also be furnished. If the CEMLINE JST is being used to store cold or chilled water elastomeric thermal insulation would be recommended instead of Fiberglass insulation. 2” elastomeric thermal insulation can be provided for applications storing cold or chilled water.

  • standard package

    Storage Tank-ASME Code Constructed-National Board Registered-HWL Stamp

    ASME Code stamping and registration offers the assurance of quality controlled construction.

    STONESTEEL Tank Lining

    Five(5) year NON-PRO-RATED Guarantee.

    Stainless Steel Threaded Connections

    Maintains long tank life by protecting vulnerable point of corrosion.

    3" Fiberglass insulation

    Prevents heat loss to cut operating costs and meets or exceeds ASHRAE standards for hot water storage. 2” elastomeric thermal insulation recommended for storing cold or chilled water.

    20 gauge steel jacket with Hammer Tone Enamel Painted Exterior

    Protects insulation and provides neat finished appearance.

  • cut-away