Cement Lined Storage Tanks (CST)

A STONESTEEL® Tank is constructed with a steel shell which completely supports a uniform, water resistant lining of hydraulic STONESTEEL®. The rusting and corrosion common with steel tanks is prevented because the water touches only non-corrosive surfaces. The STONESTEEL® is applied in a continuous arch against the metal wall and will not be injured by ordinary use or handling.

  • Inside a stonesteel tank lining


    The vessel is filled with water, the STONESTEEL® absorbs water into its pore spaces.
    The small amount of free oxygen in the water absorbed by the STONESTEEL® lining oxidizes against the steel tank wall, thus making the water within the lining inert.

    The barrier created by the inert water absorbed in the STONESTEEL® lining prevents oxygenated water from coming into contact with the steel tank wall, thus preventing rusting and failure of the cement lined storage tank.
  • Construction and Design


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks are manufactured in a wide range of sizes. Please click on the “sizing” button above to assist you in choosing the correct gallon capacity and dimensions. Tank diameter is measured over the outside of the head, and length refers to the overall tank length.


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks are manufactured in strict accordance with ASME Code requirements and National Board Registration, and conform to Military Specifications, MIL-T-12295, Type II.

    Working Pressure

    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks can be built in accordance with working pressures designed to suit particular jobs. Tanks are usually built for 125 psig working pressure, but we are able to provide tanks with pressure from 1 to 500 psig.


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks are furnished with non-corrosive stainless steel threaded opening, when specified, to assure that water never contacts corrosive material. In accordance with ASME Code requirements, openings 4″ and larger are furnished as 150# ANSI flanges. When flanged openings are provided, the neck of the flange is lined with STONESTEEL® tank lining to provide corrosion protection. All threaded openings are furnished as female NPT openings.


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks are provided with 12″ x 16″ elliptical manholes on 42″ diameter and larger diameter tanks as required by the ASME Code. Other manhole sizes are available and can be furnished upon request. Smaller tank diameters do not require a manhole, but a manhole or handhole can be provided if so specified. Manhole or handhole openings are lined with STONESTEEL® to insure continuous protection against rust and corrosion.


    CEMLINE CORPORATION, as the originator of STONESTEEL® lining, takes pride in supplying the most durable tank lining available. The STONESTEEL® is normally applied approximately 1/2″ thick to the tank interior.

    Wire Mesh

    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks 42″ diameter and larger are provided with a wire mesh reinforcement welded to the interior tank wall to guarantee a proper bond of the lining to the tank wall.


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks are furnished with a five (5) year non-prorated guarantee.


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks are normally furnished with factory primed exterior. Special paints and coatings are available upon customer request.


    CEMLINE STONESTEEL® tanks can be provided as a factory insulated package. CEMLINE storage tanks can be supplied with CEMLINE tube bundles designed and sized to suit job requirements and customer specifications. A submerged heating coil sizing program can be run following the sizing of the tank.

  • Vertical Configurations
  • Horizontal Configurations

    Horizontal Configurations

    Horizontal Configurations

    Horizontal Configurations