Chilled Water Buffer Tanks (CWB)

CEMLINE® Chilled Water Buffer Tanks (CWB) are designed to be used with chillers which do not have water volumes of sufficient size in relation to the chiller. The insufficiently sized systems do not have enough buffer capacity for the chilled water causing poor temperature control, erratic system operation and excessive compressor cycling.

The CWB solves this problem by adding volume to buffer the system. The CWB reduces the rate of change of the return water.

Chillers are designed to be useful in systems with a minimum water volume. The minimum water volume is based upon the chiller manufacturer’s requirements, 3 to 6 gallons per ton for typical air conditioning and when the temperature accuracy is critical 6 to 10 gallons per ton. When chiller systems are properly sized, the chiller compressor will not short cycle. Without the proper amount of system water, the source temperature will be reached quickly and the compressor will shut off. Many chiller compressors can only start 3 times per hour. If the compressor is off and there is a demand for chilled water, the demand can not be met because the compressor cannot turn back on. This causes very unsatisfied people within the building who cannot have the required cooling. Insufficiently sized system problems can cause excessive compressor cycling, poor temperature control and erratic system operations.


    • ASME Pressure Vessel rated 125 psi @ 400 oF.
    • Internal Baffle
    • ½” flexible elastomeric thermal insulation black in color. Thicknesses of ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” available.
    • Legs for vertical installation
    • Air Vent


    NPT threaded openings are furnished as required. Tanks are built with the location and size of the openings to suit customer requirements.

    Flanged openings are 150# ANSI standard.

    Groove-end connections are furnished as required. 6” and below are schedule 40 pipe, 8” and above are schedule 30 pipe.


    Flexible, elastomeric thermal insulation black in color in thicknesses – ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2″

    Outdoor exterior coating. White in color suitable for outdoor installation that is resistant to UV and ozone.

    Outdoor stucco-embossed aluminum jacket. Aluminum alloy a minimum of 0.016” thick with an integrally bonded 1-mil thick, heat bonded-polyethylene and kraft paper moisture barrier over entire surface in contact with insulation.

    Chilled Water Buffer Tank – Recommended Piping Diagram in PDF file format