Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control with Safeguard.

Conforms to ASSE 1017, California Lead Free Plumbing Law, CSA B 125 (NSF/ANSI 61 Section 8)

The Cemline® Digital Tempering Valve (DTV) is designed to provide consistent tempered water to institutional and commercial facilities. The digital controller wired to the stainless-steel control valve can accurately main¬tain set point within +/-2°F from 0.5 gpm to full flow. The DTV series can be used for domestic hot water, or heating/cooling for industrial applications. The controller can remotely com¬municate with the building management system with options of BACnet (IP or MSTP), Modbus, or Internet. The Digital Tempering Valve can be supplied as stand alone and piped in the field or supplied as a pre-piped Digital Mixing Station.

  • Cemline Digital Tempering Valve adds protection to the Domestic Water System

    Providing safe tempered water is important to any facility. Facilities need consistent tempered to mitigate waterborne pathogens such as Legionella while avoiding scaling hazards.


    Water temperature fluctuations such as rapid and uncomfortable
    temperature changes experienced at the faucet or shower by an end-user can be reduced through properly controlling and monitor¬ing domestic water storage and delivery systems through the addi¬tion of a digital tempering valve.

    Scald Hazard

    Scald hazards can be created in domestic water systems when not properly controlled or monitored.


    Water-borne bacteria such as Legionella can be reduced and/or prevented through proper selection and control of water temperature In domestic water storage and delivery systems.