Commercial Electric Boilers

Electric Hot Water Boilers

Cemline Electric Boilers are designed for hydronic heating systems and process heating. Cemline Electric Boilers are furnished as a complete factory package for one source responsibility. Installation requires only pipe lines and power leads. We offer many optional extras for applications where such features are desired.

  • Standard Equipment

    A.S.M.E. Code Constructed National Board Registered Vessel

    Cemline Boilers are constructed and stamped in strict accordance with the latest A.S.M.E. code using pressure vessel quality plate welded by certified welders. Tanks used in the boilers are built in accordance with Section IV or Section I of the A.S.M.E. Code and form H or S certificates are provided. All tanks are registered with the National Board of Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspectors and so certified. Vessels are normally built for 150 psi maximum water working pressure, or 15 psi steam.

    20 Gauge Steel Jacket with Hammertone Enamel Finish

    Cemline Boilers are neatly and attractively covered with a 20 gauge steel jacket over the fiberglass insulation. The jacket protects the insulation, and is professionally painted with superior quality enamel to allow the added advantage of an easy to maintain surface.

    3” Fiberglass Insulation

    Cemline Boilers are furnished with 3” thick fiberglass insulation. This high quality insulation has proven to be an extremely reliable means of minimizing heat loss and complies with current ASHRAE Standards. Vertical heaters are supplied with leg supports with leveling bolts and couplings to receive pipe legs. This provides the option of mounting the unit directly on a floor or raising it with pipe legs to any desired height. Cemline Horizontal Boilers are mounted on structural I-Beam support skids which are engineered to provide correct support for the heater as a permanent base.

    Electric Heating Elements

    Cemline Boiler heating elements consist of one or more incoloy sheathed removable immersion rods. These rods are grouped together as three phase deltas to achieve required total kilowatt. Each rod contains resistance wire surrounded by an ample thickness of compressed magnesium oxide. Individual rods are removable and replaceable with ordinary hand tools for in the field replacement to insure worry free maintenance of the heater.

    Control Circuit System

    Cemline Electric Boiler control circuits are equipped with a line voltage to 120 volt isolation transformer to provide 120 volt control. This transformer is fused on the primary side and fused and grounded on the secondary side in accordance with A.S.M.E. Code, National Electric Code, and Underwriters’ Laboratories. Cemline electric Boilers are provided with built in safety protection against high temperature conditions. Electric boilers are furnished with both an adjustable automatic reset type high limit and a manual reset high limit thermostat with a manual reset button. These thermostats open the control circuit if the temperature of the boiler exceeds the set point.


    Cemline Electric Boilers are equipped with heavy duty magnetic contactors to close and open circuits as required for load control. The contactors are controlled by a solid state step controller.

    Final Assembly & Testing

    Cemline Electric Boilers are thoroughly tested prior to shipment. All components and workmanship are guaranteed for a period of one year from date of start-up or eighteen months from the date of shipment.


    Cemline Electric Boilers utilize “Class J” type fuses. Each contactor line is protected by an individual fuse which is designed to interrupt power in the event of an overload condition in that circuit.


    Cemline Electric Boilers are factory wired, utilizing heat resistant, color coded copper wire. All components are factory wired to a generously sized terminal strip for solderless connections. Heaters furnished with circuit breaker or disconnect switch are factory wired to load side of breaker switch.

    Low Water Cut-Off

    Cemline Electric Boilers are furnished with float type low water cut-off, wired to open the control circuit on a low water condition.

    Electrical Control Cabinet

    Cemline electric elements and controls are mounted in a NEMA I enclosure with key lock door.

    Pilot Lights

    Pilot lights are supplied to enable the operator to see the status at a glance.

    Relief Valves

    Cemline Electric Boilers are provided with a A.S.M.E. pressure relief valve. The valve is sized to relieve the total BTU input of the heating elements.

    UL Listing

    Cemline Electric Boilers meet testing and inspection requirements of Underwriters’ Laboratories and are listed and labeled as required by Underwriters’ Laboratories.

    Thermometer & Pressure Gauge

    Cemline Electric Boilers are furnished with a thermometer to monitor vessel temperature and a dial pressure gauge to monitor pressure within the vessel. These gauges are mounted in an easily accessible position so that they may be read from the floor.

  • Technical Information

    Cemline Electric Boilers feature state of the art solid state step controllers (Boiler-Trol®). These step controllers have the following features:

    • Digital Display
    • Number of Steps Available: 1 to 24. Extension module(s) required above 8 steps.
    • Built-In Outdoor Reset
    • System and Output Pumps with Adjustable Run-on Delay.
    • Day and Night Schedule
    • Remote On/Off
    • Multiple Rotation Options
    • Domestic Hot Water Pump Control with Multiple Priority Options
    • Optional Building Automation Communications – can add BacNet, Interface or Remote Temperature Set Point via 4-20 mA input signal.


    • Non-Fused Disconnect
    • Flow Switch
    • Alarm Bell
    • Safety Door Interlock
    • Volt Meter
    • Amp Meter
    • Time Clock

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